3 WFH Areas

Here are 3 areas to consider for your WFH staff to help get the new environment off to a good start.

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Budgeting for IT in 2021

We are seeing 4 areas arising in businesses that you should consider for your next year’s IT budget.

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Who Do You Want Doing Your IT?

This is how your Managed Services Provider should work with you, to understand you, and your company’s needs. If you are not getting this from yours, you should be contacting us.

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New Work From Home Video Conferencing App

This last week saw the announcement of two new video conferencing options for the work from home (WFH) crowd.

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Bookings – New Microsoft 365 feature app that’s worth a look

Bookings allows you to show only certain times you are available, or if you prefer, all your open time that is not currently scheduled in your Outlook calendar.

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The Case for VoIP

VoIP phone systems are a smart investment in any business environment, regardless of how many employees are working from home.

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Home Router Warning

Remember, this WFH environment may be temporary, but the hackers are hard at work trying to get your company’s data. Make sure you are protected as much as possible.

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Too Much Cybersecurity

Plan properly to avoid overlaps in security, causing all sorts of issues and potentially opening the enterprise up to those cyberattacks getting through.

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COVID-19 Tracer App Scam

These apps are designed to track your movements in relation to others via your cellphones. They can inform you when you have been near anyone that has been tested positive for COVID-19

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Business Continuity

Business Continuity Planning is vital to the continuation of your business, and now that you have come through a crisis, make that plan! Create your Continuity plan with what you have learned!

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