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Is Your Business Vulnerable?

  • Do you have a BAA with every Service and Vendor?
  • Is your Network accessible from outside of your facility?
  • Do you change passwords every 60 days?
  • Is your staff HIPAA trained?
  • Do you have HIPAA Policies and Proceedures?
  • Have you had a Risk Assessment?

Does HIPAA Affect My Business?

  • Virtually all healthcare providers, including physicians, hospitals, long-term care providers, home health providers, dentists, physical therapists, and more are required to be compliant.
  • All healthcare payers, including health insurance and self-insured employer-sponsored health plans must be compliant.
  • All healthcare clearinghouses that process or route electronic claims must be compliant.

Does HIPAA Affect Everyone I Work With?

  • Non-employees who perform services for a covered entity, who have access to protected health information (PHI) such as attorneys, medical transcriptionists, and other vendors must be compliant. These are called Business Associates.
  • Covered entities must establish contracts with Business Associates to ensure that the Business Associate also meet HIPAA requirements.

Let's visit this photo again & see the possible vulnerabilities of your office.

What do you see? Here are a few pointers from an experienced Information Technology Company.
There is more, but most important let's start today towards HIPAA Compliance.

Don't know where to start?

Many practices are not safe from the repercussions, fines and audits of not fulfilling the federally madated requirements
because they just don't know where to start!

Our HIPAA compliance portal is a FAST, reliable and a secure way
for you to get the job done and keep on top of your requirements!

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Would you like to receive a free BAA?

Enter your informaiton and receive a FREE Business Associate Agreement (BAA) to use with your vendors, service providers and other businesses that may come in contact with your PHI. Start protecting yourself and your patients now!

Who should I have a BAA with?

A list of possibles include custodial services, bookkeepers, waste removal companies, scanning companies, coding companies, office supply, uniform, maintenance companies... in short, any service that comes into your facility.