How do you see your company's future?

As we start to come through this challenging time and I know we have a way to go, but I'm thinking of the future and how all of this will change the landscape of business and how it is conducted.

We have a client I spoke with the other day; they have 3 locations, one is a clinic with some office space the other 2 locations are just offices. They spend over $25,000 a month on rental space, and they are seriously considering getting rid of the two office locations and just keeping the clinic. They have found they connect better via Microsoft Teams then when they are at the office, so why have the expense?

Those companies still doing business are most likely already are doing some form of WFH (Work from Home) or remote work.

But going forward, consider the benefits versus the drawbacks, Can you keep certain parts of your company, the "knowledge work" remote? Or perhaps some days in the office some days remote and share the physical office space?

Workers perform better when working remotely

Several studies say most workers perform better when working remotely. This may be because they want to continue to work remote, so they go above and beyond. This could be because they have to communicate well to show their importance to your company. Or it could be because they don't have the drive time and delve right into their day right away. No matter the reason, more productive workers are always better for the company.

If you decide to continue remote employees for the long haul, I would highly recommend giving them business owned equipment. Company property can include; Computer/Laptop, Monitors, Camera/Mic/Speakers, and a VOIP phone.


Some of the controls and securities you may not have if they are using their own systems are;

For Productivity;
- You can put tracking/productivity software on the computer
- You can track call logs
- You can restrict content (think websites that you don't want accessed on company computers)

For Security;
- Your IT can put your full security stack on those systems
- Your IT can patch, manage and support those users


Now that so many of us are working remote (88% according to Facility Executive Magazine), we know that it can work and that it is going to change the face of business as we knew it. Look to your company's future and plan for a successful recovery.


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Greg Durnan is the Owner/President of AcaciaIT and very active in the business community of Southern Arizona. One of the founding members of the Greater Vail Area Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of the Oro Valley Chamber of Commerce. He is very passionate about the needs of businesses in Arizona. He also strives to educate clients on Computer and Network Security through Lunch and Learns, articles, and webinars.

On the weekends he enjoys spending time with his wife and son at their ranch in Vail and working with horses.