Is VOIP the business phone system for you?

There is lots of options for business when it comes to phone systems. Here are some things to consider before purchasing or switching to a VOIP system.

Is VOIP reliable?

VOIP, from most providers these days, is very stable, much better than just a few short years ago, Systems and softwares have been vastly improved and quality is exceptional from most providers.

But is it as good as a landline system?

In most cases it is as good or better than a landline system, but it will depend on your internet service. If you have an internet provider that cannot offer faster speeds and good reliability you may want to find a new internet service first as your VOIP system will rely on your Internet to function.

What happens if my internet goes down? Will customers get a busy signal?

Most VOIP systems are what are referred to as cloud-based. This means the VOIP phone provider hosts your back-end services (auto attendant, voicemail, etc.) at their site. So, if your internet goes down your clients still get your auto attendant, can still dial your extension and can still leave a message. Some of the VOIP systems also have a feature that allows your office extension to ring your cell phone. This feature will still work even if your internet is down and your clients will still be able to contact you. Much better than a landline going down.

Isn’t VOIP expensive?

Actually with the cloud hosting, many of the VOIP systems are more affordable than standard land lines with many more features. And, far less expensive than putting a traditional PBX phone system in your office. Remember, with cloud-based VOIP the only equipment you have is the phone and internet connection, and many of the providers will lease the phones if you prefer.

What features does VOIP have?

VOIP systems have many features, much like a full phone system they have; auto attendant, voicemail, conference calling, call transfer, ring to a cell phone, hunt groups, voicemail to email just to name a few. Most of the phones are programmable so you can set what the buttons do. For a full list of options and what you can do, contact your IT provider and discuss what you would like it to do, I’ll bet VOIP can get it done for you.

Am I stuck in a long contract?

This depends on the provider, most, especially if they are leasing the equipment, will be a 3-year contract. Others are month to month. However, a contract, in this case, is not all bad. If you take the time to find a provider that has all that you want, the cost of a 3-year contract may be much less than a month to month and if you are leasing the phone and it has a hardware issue, generally the provider will just ship you a new phone.

Who has the best VOIP system?

This can depend on what you want your system to do, how long of a contract you wish to sign, and if you want to lease or purchase the phones. If you have a good IT provider, they will have done the legwork for you and be able to help you make the best decision.

Whom do I contact to get more info?

Traditional phone system providers now offer VOIP, but remember VOIP is based on computers and networking, so talk to your IT provider first. There are usually changes that will need to be made on your network to accommodate the new phone system.  We at AcaciaIT would be glad to help you if you have further questions or would like to get pricing, just contact us at