Pokemon Go for your business?

The latest rage in internet games is here and it’s name is Pokemon Go.

You have by now at least heard of the game but how can your business profit from it? There are several ways;

  • Use a Lure Module;

You can purchase a Pokemon Lure Module for a little over a $1 per hour. This lures Pokemon characters to your location. The idea being if you lure the characters you will lure the people looking for the characters.

  • Setup business by a Pokemon Gym;

If your business is mobile such as a food truck, you can locate a Pokemon Gym, this is a place usually by a park or other open outdoor area where players come to workout and battle their characters. It has been recorded by several sources that doing business in these areas has seen a massive increase in business.

In the near future there will be opportunities to pay for a Gym to be located at or near your business. There will also be paid sponsorship’s for items like free Pokeballs (the ball you must throw at the character to capture it).

Heard of other Pokemon Go business ideas? We’d love to hear your thoughts! Drop us an email at support@acaciait.net