Support for Medical Companies

From single doctor offices to hospital and clinical administrators, every day you work with EMR and Practice Management Software, DICOM Imaging and X-Ray machines, Claims and ERA, all of which now rely on the computer and network infrastructure to efficiently serve your patients. On top of all of that you need to be secure and HIPAA compliant to protect your data.

This can all be very frustrating with a standard IT company.

  • They don’t know your medical equipment and they have to rely on your third-party vendors to do all the work.
  • They do not know HIPAA or how to properly secure your network, that your employees need annual training and they probably cannot sign a BAA
  • They may not have 24 x 7 support to help you when you need it most
  • They may do updates to your systems when you can’t afford the downtime.
  • They don’t understand your software or how it interacts with each other

We can help.

  • We have experience with many different fields of medicine
  • We have certified HIPAA compliant staff and a full HIPAA compliance package if needed we can sign your BAA and work with vendors such as Microsoft to make sure they do as well
  • We can help in the selection and implementation of EMR and Practice Management Software
  • We work with and understand your medical devices
  • We offer packages with 24 x 7 support
  • We understand when and how you work and what we need to do to complete security and updates to your systems without interfering with your day to day operations

Your patients are your most valuable asset, in order to keep them happy you need to run as efficiently as possible and that takes an IT company that understands what you do and can work with you.

Support for Medical Companies and their IT
Compliance certification for HIPAA 4med+ CHSP

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