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Pokemon Go for your business?

The latest rage in internet games is here and it’s name is Pokemon Go. You have by now at least heard of the game but how can your business profit from it? There are several ways; Use a Lure Module; You can purchase a Pokemon Lure Module for a little over a $1 per hour.…

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Why should you switch to Office 365?

Microsoft is changing the way you Office. In the past Microsoft sold you a CD with the Microsoft Office software on it and allowed you to install it on up to 3 computers/devices. They are now moving to a “monthly service plan” or “subscription” style for Office (and presumably this is just the beginning of…

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Passwords to Avoid! Business Security

Once again there has been a list of passwords you should avoid using, a company known as SplashData releases this list every year. This list is comprised of passwords that were compromised over the past year. Password security is a vital part of protecting yourself from hackers, if you are using a password on this…

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Managed services and you…

test Post – Monitoring or Managed Services, as it is called, is the right way to maintain, update and protect your computers. The object is to catch the issues before they become problems for your business. We keep your computer running quickly, smoothly and consistently; you get your work done!

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