Are you the internal IT Department?

If you would like to discuss what we can offer as support to you and your department, we are available for a meeting.

We don't want your job. The best thing that happens when I.T. minds come together is systems are put into place to be effective I.T.

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The short list of worries we can alleviate for internal IT - We've got your covered!

Big Move

New Computer Installs

New Software Implementation


Big Projects Coming Up?

We are in I.T. and we understand the amount of pieces that need to be organized and planned for when it comes to I.T. We are here to assist you with the parts you may not have the time or research or expertise to do. We can provide project oversite or staff to complete project rollouts. Also, the research to accomplish the best outcome. And the sources in town to help push projects through from outside vendors. We deal with outside vendors all the time and can use our connections to help your project run smoothly.

Backup Reporting

System Updates Monitoring

Error Reporting


Did the backup run? Did the patch go through?

Walk into your next meeting with the reports that show your department is covering all the important items needed for business continuity. Did a backup get missed and you were stretched thin at a meeting and couldn't followup with why? Did a patch not get applied for the 4th time because a computer in your office keeps getting turned off at night when updates run? We are here to help you. Support you. Quite frankly we alleviate your stress and we make you look good. 

Monitoring and Searching

for the weak spots



Outside pressures on your network?

The best way to know if your systems are secure and in compliance is with an outside perspective. We can work with you to run testing setups and search for the holes that would lead to long weekends and very stressful days of trying to block Ransomware from already residing within the computers you are responsible for. 

Help with requests

See the staff patterns

Oversee the work




How do I track all of the requests?

We work with IT every day. We know that keeping a track of the requests of what needs done and what is done is critical for you to have a history of. We have portals to ticketing systems that will allow you to supervise the requests coming and the items completed. Then escalate the tickets to us that you need a assistance with.

Request Your Time Off

Come back to see the reports and be back on top



What happens when you need a sick day or a vacation?

We know it seems like the last thing you might want to think about. We, also, know it is important to have a chance to take a vacation, sick time and even just some personal days off to refresh the brain. We keep on running while you are gone and help put out any fires. We are your support team. 

Are you the internal IT Department?

If you would like to discuss what we can offer as support to you and your department, we are available for a meeting.

Why add more staff to manage and keep up on all the IT requests?

Add a TEAM that the sole focus is to make sure you, the IT guy, have exactly what you need and the reports to show all that is happening.