Acacia IT business I.T. Compliance, VOIP, Networking, Computer, Security

Founded in 1992 by Greg Durnan, the business has grown from a simple computer repair company into a multi-service IT firm focused on helping businesses throughout Tucson and the surrounding areas with their IT needs

AcaciaIT was founded on the principle of constant improvement of our business model to better serve you, our client!

We are specialists in compliance.

Need HIPAA, PCI, ITAR, SOC2 compliance?

Does your existing IT firm understand all of the in’s and out’s of compliance?

AcaciaIT does! We have worked in the compliance area for over 10 years, we have compliance experts on staff and partner with the top compliance teams in the nation to make sure your compliance is done correctly and then implement security and configuration changes are needed.

Tucson's I.T. firm supporting Compliance and Security. Ransomware specialist.

We assign you your own technician.

Most IT firms dump you into a pool of technicians that may not have ever even seen your network environment, know nothing about your compliance needs and need to be “caught up” on your setup and issue before even starting to work on the problem.

AcaciaIT assigns you to a technician, one that has been to your site, attends your quarterly reviews and understands your network, your people and your compliance needs.

If you want someone that understands your needs, can respond quickly to issues and knows your environment You need AcaciaIT

Through our guarantee of service and testimonials from many of your peers in the industry (see our testimonials page) we can and will provide the service you need.


Call us at (520) 751-0888 today!

We stand behind our service with a 60-day guarantee.

We won’t tie you to a contract.

There are many reasons you may want or need to cancel a contract and generally, companies make you “jump through hoops” to do so. Not at AcaciaIT! We offer an annual contract with one big exception. We have a 30 day out for any reason!

We believe our services are so good you won’t ever consider canceling. As a matter of fact, we have only had 2 companies ever take us up on this offer. One was going out of business and the other was bought by a large national firm that had their own internal IT.

No Risk Guarantee

Try us for 60 days. If you are not thrilled with our service, you can cancel your contract and we will refund your money!

Acacia IT business I.T. Compliance, VOIP, Networking, Computer, Security

We Care about your business

- We conduct Quarterly Business Reviews.
These reviews allow us to go over any issues, update you on your network and activity and help you plan for the future

- We act as your vendor liaison.
When you add us, as your IT support, to all your vendors it allows us to service your network when issues with those vendors occur without having you intervene to give permission

- We help you budget for IT.
Annual budgeting for IT helps you to look to your company’s future to see what Technology may benefit you as well as keep your technology up to date with our “Tech Refresh” plan.

If you are looking for an IT company that you can partner with to fix your IT issues, proactively work to prevent future problems and help budget for your business future then contact us Today for a FREE Network Assessment.

Call us Today 520.751.0888

Just a few of the local organizations we support. 

Greater Oro Valley Chamber of Commerce

We proudly support the
Greater Oro Valley
Chamber of Commerce

and their I.T. needs.


We proudly support the
Tucson Rodeo Parade
and Museum

and their I.T. needs.


We proudly support the
Vail Preservation Society
and their I.T. needs.


We proudly support
the forgotten children
and their I.T. needs.