Compliance certification for HIPAA 4med+ CHSP

AcaciaIT specializes in compliance for businesses just like yours. Whether you need HIPAA, PCI, ITAR or SOC 2 we can help!

HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA Compliance requires many steps; Risk Analysis, Policies and Procedures, Business Associate Agreements, Employee Training and of course Security.

Did you know that your Risk Analysis and the mitigation steps should not be done by the same company? Because of this, AcaciaIT has partnered with an outside vendor that performs the Risk Analysis with you and your AcaciaIT assigned technician.

Did you know your employees need to be trained annually? With the AcaciaIT web application you can track who has taken and completed the training and who has not.

Don’t know how to write policies and procedures? No worries, AcaciaIT can help with that too!

From Risk Analysis to security and mitigation needs, we have you covered!

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PCI Compliance

Have you received an SAQ from your bank or credit card company?
These forms are usually 30 to 50 pages and include a lot of information on configuration of your network and security procedures!

Did you know you have to do that SAQ on an annual basis?

Did you know your network may need special separation from the credit card processing portion of your business?

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ITAR Compliance

If your company works with government entities or large government contractors such as Raytheon you may be required to become ITAR Compliant. As this is one of the most secure types of compliance it is not a good idea to try this one on your own.

Did you know that ITAR requires that no data be stored on any servers outside of the United States?

Did you know that Microsoft Office is not ITAR Compliant in its basic versions?

Our technical specialists can help you work the “ins” and “outs” of this compliance!

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SOC 2 Compliance

Going Through a SOC 2 Audit can be a stressful process. Auditors require knowledge of how your network receives and transmits its data, what security steps you have in place and what your disaster recovery processes are.

Plus your IT company will most likely have to sign a validation letter to your SOC auditor. Is your current IT company prepared to do that?

AcaciaIT is, we have been through the process many times and understand what auditors are looking for and how to protect your data.

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