Compliance can cause a business owner a lot of heartburn and time. Acacia IT is here to ease the heartburn and give back your time to do what you do best---run your company!

Compliance requires that you not only meet a one time standard, but that you continue to monitor your network and update your compliancy to meet the changes implemented by the compliance authority.

We can help secure your network properly, meet the standards of the compliance authority to which you need to report, and update your computers and networks to meet the requirements and more.

PCI-DSS Compliance
Credit Card Processing has become a staple for businesses and meeting the compliance for this can be simple or more complex depending on how your company accepts these cards.

We can help you streamline your credit card processing, utilizing the best way to meet compliance and run your business.  Based on that method, we will configure and protect your network to meet compliance. Most companies will be required to fill out a 40 page SAQ to pass PCI-DSS and be scanned monthly by an approved scanning vendor. We can complete your SAQ and monitor your monthly scans to make sure you are passing and we will fix any issues as they arise.

HIPAA Compliance
Have you done a HIPAA Assessment? Do you need a simple, reliable, efficient way to become compliant? we have just the help you need!
implement HIPAA-HITECH measures, Policies and Procedures, Do your employee Training and complete your Risk Analysys all in one portal! Click here and we will show you how!


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