5 Reasons not to use POP email accounts

5 Reasons not to use POP email accounts As the technology world evolves many of the old standbys are falling by the wayside and most for good reason. Many are due to security reasons and some are due to advancements that give more features and better service and some due to all of the above.…

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layered security

Layered Security It wasn’t too many years ago we (IT Guys) would put Antivirus software on your computer, take care of the patches for software, and you were all good as far as security is concerned. Not true anymore. Nowadays, we deploy an arsenal of software to keep you safe from the ever-increasing threats of…

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Do You Need a VPN?

There are actually 2 types of VPN’s; one connects you to your office data. The other connects your computer to a cloud-based VPN that helps protect your computer whenever you need to connect to a public WiFi network. Due to the recent COVID-19 events, if you have data at your office you most likely already…

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3 WFH Areas

3 WFH Areas to Consider for Employees With WFH (Work From Home) becoming a standard, your employees need a good setup of equipment that will fulfill their needs as well as your pocketbook. It is a bit more involved than just sending home their work computer with them. They need to be adaptable to a varied…

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Budgeting for IT in 2021

Your 2021 Budget for IT With all the business world changes over the last 6 months, you may not have had time to think about budgeting for next year. I certainly feel for those with off-calendar years that have already budgeted for the next year with so much uncertainty. But we can help! We are…

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Who Do You Want Doing Your IT?

Whom Do You Want Doing Your IT? I was recently contacted by a national vendor that is now selling Microsoft 365 in a push to sell their Managed Services. It was interesting as they are trying to sell Microsoft and Managed Services to a Managed Services provider! It struck me, if they do not even know…

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New Work From Home Video Conferencing App

New Work From Home Video Conferencing App This last week saw the announcement of two new video conferencing options for the work from home (WFH) crowd. Microsoft announced its dedicated Microsoft Teams device in collaboration with Lenovo. The ThinkSmart View is a touch screen device allowing you to interact with all your Teams functions as…

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Bookings – New Microsoft 365 feature app that’s worth a look

Bookings – New Microsoft 365 feature app that’s worth a look Along with the name change from Office 365 to Microsoft 365, Microsoft has released a new feature that can be very useful. Bookings! Bookings is an app that will allow you to share your calendar to avoid the “Oh, can you meet at this…

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The Case for VoIP

The Case for VoIP | VOIP Phone Systems Consider this (Twilight Zone Theme song here): There is a sudden health care crisis, and your office is going to shut down. You need your employees to be able to work. What are you going to do? As you are all too aware, this has been the…

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Home Router Warning

Home Router Warning! With the rapid deployment of Work From Home (WFH), security was not the first priority. To protect yourself and your company, now is the time to bring security to the forefront.   Recently a German company carried out a study involving 127 home routers and the results were appalling!   Most did not…

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