Summer Fun

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Summer Spam

Summer Spam No, not this kind, rather the kind that, while you are looking at summer travel sites, tropical locations with beaches and drinks with umbrellas in it and SCAM’s designed to take your money!  Every year we see a huge rise in travel and vacation spam emails designed to look like a great way…

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Still using Internet Explorer 11 (IE11)?

Still using Internet Explorer 11 (IE11)? Many users have not given up on the old IE11 browser, either because they just like it or they do not like Edge, but Microsoft will no longer be supporting this browser as of June 15th, 2022. Further, Microsoft in a statement said “As previously announced, the future of…

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Proactive IT Services

How to tell if your IT company is proactive? Almost every IT firm says they are “proactive” with their approach but what does that really mean to you and your business? Why is it important that you find an IT company that truly is proactive and how do you tell the mouthpieces from the truth?  …

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Windshield Wipers

Shopping on Price We always look for a good deal. But we need to consider what we are getting for our money, the cheapest isn’t always the best. I recently bought a new car, I was specific about what I wanted. My wife laughs, but I want the automatic windshield wipers and the heated seats…

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Microsoft Price Increase

Microsoft’s New Pricing Structure Microsoft recently announced a new pricing model for several of its products. Microsoft will be moving away from the month-to-month model and starting this month, Microsoft will move to an annual billing system for all products. Additionally, there will be some increased pricing on select products as well. If you wish…

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The IT Services Model Where Everyone Wins – And The One Where You Lose Big

The IT Services Model Where Everyone Wins – And The One Where You Lose Big If you’re a business owner, there’s probably a good chance you spent time figuring out the IT needs of your business. It’s not as easy as searching online and picking the cheapest option or the company with the best reviews.…

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Don’t Love OneDrive?!

Don’t Love OneDrive?! I’ve run into several people recently the don’t love OneDrive! I know, I couldn’t believe it either! How could you not love the best way to be able to access your files no matter where you are. Well, come to find out many of them just don’t understand it. The difference between…

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NEW Podcast!!

NEW Podcast!! We are starting a new weekly podcast! These will be short conversations discussing current issues in business and IT. We hope to inform and entertain you just like we do in this newsletter, with a combination of IT questions and quandaries and business news and views. The podcast will be hosted by yours…

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Perfect IT

Perfect IT Think of it, your perfect day! Everything goes according to plan, no issue, no problems. Ever have one of these? They are rare, but every once and a while we see them. But here is my point; Why isn’t everything perfect?! This was a question I was asked in a Business Review recently.…

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