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We have been supporting Southern Arizona's Business Computers Since 1992.  We are in the community and supporting our community. Thank you to our clients for entrusting us with their compliance, networking, security and business needs. 

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Bookings – New Microsoft 365 feature app that’s worth a look

Bookings – New Microsoft 365 feature app that’s worth a look Along with the name change from Office 365 to Microsoft 365, Microsoft has released a new feature that can be very useful. Bookings! Bookings is an app that will allow you to share your calendar to avoid the “Oh, can you meet at this…

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Too Much Cybersecurity

Too Much Cybersecurity? In a recent article (see HERE) from ZDNet, IBM provided a report the Cyber Resillient Organization Report. It stated that, on average, IT for enterprise-size companies deployed up to 45 cybersecurity-related tools on their networks. This is an astounding number and far more than should ever be needed. Secondly, it would  create overlaps in…

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“AcaciaIT saved my lunch!”

When my computer locked Kyle from AcaciaIT calmly and patiently went about the many processes to resuscitate it. We nearly lost the patient, but he brought it back to life. Then, once things were operational, he remoted in to make changes in my e-mail preview to keep the bad stuff out. It's been smooth sailing ever since. Thank you, Kyle and Acacia IT.

Dave Perry
President / CEO

Greater Oro Valley Chamber of Commerce


Whose Business does HIPAA affect?

Virtually all healthcare providers, including physicians, hospitals, long-term care providers, home health providers, dentists, physical therapists, and more are required to be compliant.

Acacia IT - PCI Compliance with SAQ support

How Secure if your business when it comes to PCI Compliance?

Received a bank PCI Compliancy Self Assessment? 37 pages of information we can help you with.


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