Support for Non-Profits

More and more Non-profits are turning to technology to solve many of their issues. And it is no wonder, with the vast array of what can now be done digitally for Donations and Volunteers

As a Non-profit you face challenges every day:

  • Finance: You “struggle” with IT budgeting, money coming into your non-profit should be used for the mission of your non-profit, but the infrastructure that technology can give you could serve to boost the amount of money that your non-profit receives.
  • People: You have a board of directors that you answer to, Volunteers that need access to systems, but not too much access and employees that need proper technology to do their jobs.
  • Communication: You need to be visible to your donors, utilizing software that can help you respond and capture all donor information as efficiently as possible and respond to their questions and needs. Your software needs to be easily accessible and user friendly so your donors have no problems or hang-ups when it comes to giving you a donation.
  • Security: You need to make sure your data is secure. Your donors are trusting in you to protect their PII and any hole in that security can wreak havoc on your entire donation network.
  • Compliance: You may also need to meet HIPAA or other compliance which brings about a whole other set of items you need to accomplish, from employee training to Risk Assessments and BAA agreements.

At the end of the day, you just want it all to work, you want technology and expert advice that you can depend on. AcaciaIT is ready to help. Give us a call today (520) 751-0888

AcaciaIT can help you balance all of the needs of Non-Profits and more effectively with efficient IT services and security. We can help you meet budgetary constraints and fiduciary obligations to your donors and have a safe and secure network infrastructure.

We have certified compliance specialists that can help you meet all or your HIPAA, PCI and other compliance needs.

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We are not in the business of sharing your data. We are in the business of protecting it. We will not share your information with others. Also, our network and systems are scanned in-house daily. We can help you get to that level of security.