Your networks security is vital to the operation of your business. As more and more cybercrime occurs, from Phishing attacks to Ransomware the internet is becoming a minefield for businesses and AcaciaIT is at the forefront working to protect our clients Networks and Data.

Thorough our Umbrella Protection Package, we layer the security of your company to help with all areas of attack. Working with you to protect and train you and your employees, here are a few examples of how we are doing this;

DNS filtering – most ransomware requires access to the internet to get the encryption keys to lock down your systems. DNS filtering helps by blocking known sites so your computers cannot access them.

Advanced Spam Filtering – Most attacks come through email with our advanced spam filtering we block more than average, and if someone on your network receives a phishing email and marks it as such it removes those emails from all of the emails on your entire domain.

Employee Training – This is one of the most important protections we can offer. The biggest risk to your network and data is the users that are on it. The more they learn and understand what they need to do to protect themselves and your company the better. We offer an online training module that also allows us to “test” the users by sending fake emails and seeing if they take the bait. If they do they are shown where the issue was and offered further training.

When your company implements our Umbrella Protection Package, we also include Cyber Security Insurance. This Insurance is offered at a much reduced rate to clients of AcaciaIT since they know we are working with you on your Network Security.

For more information on our Umbrella Protection Package please contact us at: 520.751.0888 or email