Worried about AI taking over the world, or just your job?

I’ve seen many recent articles about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the concern about it pulling at Skynet and taking over the world, but I think far more concerning to many is what jobs AI will take over and what will need to be done to reskill those whose jobs will be lost. 

AI has emerged as a transformative force across industries, revolutionizing the way we work. A recent article by ZD NET stated that up to 40% of workers will have to reskill over the next 3 years! 

While some jobs are at risk of automation, we need to understand that AI's impact is not necessarily about eliminating jobs, but rather about reshaping them. As we move forward, certain tasks within jobs will be automated, requiring a shift in skills rather than a complete workforce overhaul. 

Jobs at Risk: 

AI's disruptive potential is most evident in repetitive or routine tasks jobs in areas such as, administrative roles, manufacturing jobs, and some aspects of customer service.  

Reskilling for the Future: 

As work evolves due to AI, we need to reskill the workers that will be affected. To transition those workers whose jobs might be automated, here are some strategies to consider: 

  1. **Lifelong Learning:** take on the task of continuous learning. You can take advantage of online courses, workshops, and certifications to develop skills that align with emerging job roles.
  2. **Upskilling Initiatives:** Look for educational institutions and organizations that are designing upskilling programs tailored to industry needs. This can bridge the gap between current skills and those demanded by evolving job profiles.
  1. **Career Counseling:** Career counseling services can help navigate through the reskilling journey. Personalized guidance can alleviate anxieties and empower you to take charge of your professional growth.
  1. **Collaboration with AI:** Train your employees to work alongside AI systems, leveraging their strengths to enhance efficiency and productivity. This collaboration can lead to hybrid job roles that combine human ingenuity with AI capabilities.

The rise of AI will reshape the job landscape, but it also presents an opportunity for both individuals and organizations to adapt, innovate, and thrive in the face of change. By working to reskill and by fostering a growth mindset, we can navigate the evolving world of AI with confidence. 


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Greg Durnan is the Owner/President of AcaciaIT and very active in the business community of Southern Arizona. One of the founding members of the Greater Vail Area Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of the Oro Valley Chamber of Commerce. He is very passionate about the needs of businesses in Arizona. He also strives to educate clients on Computer and Network Security through Lunch and Learns, articles, and webinars.

On the weekends he enjoys spending time with his wife and son at their ranch in Vail and working with horses.