backuptitleAcacia IT Offers complete data backup services
Your data is your livelihood!If you lost your office tomorrow, could you continue to run your business? Or would you lose everything you’ve worked for?We backup your data and monitor the backups to make sure your data is safe.

Network Data Backup For large volume backups such as servers, we offer an on-site and cloud solution. We provide you with a backup appliance that attaches to your network and backs up your data from your server, SQL server, exchange server, and many other platforms. This data is then replicated to our cloud backup servers so that your data is stored off-site. This model allows us to more rapidly backup and restore data when you have issues. If the worst happens and you need to restore data to someplace other than your office, we can restore from our cloud servers. For further information and pricing please contact us.

PC Backup Don’t have a server on your network? Need to backup individual PC’s? We can help.
Our cloud backup service backs up your computer on a nightly basis, using 256 bit military grade encryption. We also monitor all backups to make sure they are completing properly. If you need a backup from last night or a version from last week, we can restore your data up to 5 different versions. Want to know your data is safe for a reasonable price? Contact us today for installation and pricing.

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