Why should you switch to Office 365?

Microsoft is changing the way you Office. In the past Microsoft sold you a CD with the Microsoft Office software on it and allowed you to install it on up to 3 computers/devices. They are now moving to a “monthly service plan” or “subscription” style for Office (and presumably this is just the beginning of…

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Ask the IT Expert – BAA’s?

What is a BAA and who needs to sign them? If you have had any experience with HIPAA, you have probably heard the term BAA. A BAA is a Business Associate Agreement and all of your vendors that may come in contact with PHI (Patient Health Information) must sign one and comply with it. This…

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Stopping Microsoft Windows 10 upgrade

Microsoft really, really wants you to upgrade to Windows 10! Recently we have been contacted by some of our non-managed clients complaining that their computers updated and now is running Windows 10. This is a problem as many of them run legacy software that will not be compatible with the new version of Windows. So…

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Hackers and Devices

Do I need to protect my _____________ from hackers?

Fill in the blank with any of today’s technology, phones, tablets even Smart TV’s! Hackers are everywhere these days, so the answer is yes. The protection of your devices may not seem crucial until something happens. Hackers are using more and more resources to get to your personal information, so ask yourself a couple of…

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Dealing with Ransomware

Ransomware such as Cryptolocker has made a lot of headlines in recent months mainly because it can cost you dearly. But also because it has affected a large number of people. Most of us know someone or have heard of companies that have had to deal with this type of situation. And it can be…

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Passwords to Avoid! Business Security

Once again there has been a list of passwords you should avoid using, a company known as SplashData releases this list every year. This list is comprised of passwords that were compromised over the past year. Password security is a vital part of protecting yourself from hackers, if you are using a password on this…

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Ask the IT Expert! – (February 2016 edition)

Quickbooks Online vs. Quickbooks 2016 Recently we were working with a client that does a lot of traveling. She is currently using an older version of Quickbooks on her computer at her office and her laptop and transferring the data file using a flash drive. While this works there are better solutions; – Quickbooks Online…

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Data breaches, 5 things you can do to help prevent them!

The definition of a Data Breach, as given by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS.gov) is; “An incident in which sensitive, protected or confidential data has potentially been viewed, stolen or used by an individual unauthorized to do so.” With 120 Million patient records compromised in 2015, more than 90% of healthcare organizations,…

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Ask the IT Expert! – (January 2016 edition)

We want to scan in all of our medical documents, what is the best way to do this? – submitted by Robin First we must know if you want to scan the documents in yourself or if you would like to have a service do it for you. There are many reputable, HIPAA compliant services…

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Is VOIP the business phone system for you?

There is lots of options for business when it comes to phone systems. Here are some things to consider before purchasing or switching to a VOIP system. Is VOIP reliable? VOIP, from most providers these days, is very stable, much better than just a few short years ago, Systems and softwares have been vastly improved…

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