More Security? Really?

More Security? Really?  I recently heard a speaker talking about breaches and hacks and she used this as an example; “Cyber Attacks are up 10x this last year, but people have a problem relating to that number. I like to tell them this; Remember when gas was $2 a gallon? Now 10x that and tell…

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Multi-Factor Authentication

MFA stands for Multi-Factor Authentication and it is the addition of a second way to verify who you are and that you should have access to private information.Many of our clients come to us concerned about security and what they can do to help their company and employees follow best practices and increase their safety

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Home Router Warning

Remember, this WFH environment may be temporary, but the hackers are hard at work trying to get your company’s data. Make sure you are protected as much as possible.

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Business Continuity

Business Continuity Planning is vital to the continuation of your business, and now that you have come through a crisis, make that plan! Create your Continuity plan with what you have learned!

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Dark Web

Dark Web Scan for Your Business. - Acacia IT Tucson AZ

The Dark Web How it will affect you!   To understand the Dark Web we must first look at the makeup of the Internet as a whole. There are 3 separate parts of the internet; The Surface Web, the Deep Web, and the Dark Web. The Surface Web or the Internet you browse on a…

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Do I need to protect my _____________ from hackers?

Hackers and Devices

Fill in the blank with any of today’s technology, phones, tablets even Smart TV’s! Hackers are everywhere these days, so the answer is yes. The protection of your devices may not seem crucial until something happens. Hackers are using more and more resources to get to your personal information, so ask yourself a couple of…

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Dealing with Ransomware

Tucson's I.T. firm supporting Compliance and Security. Ransomware specialist.

Ransomware such as Cryptolocker has made a lot of headlines in recent months mainly because it can cost you dearly. But also because it has affected a large number of people. Most of us know someone or have heard of companies that have had to deal with this type of situation. And it can be…

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Passwords to Avoid! Business Security

Once again there has been a list of passwords you should avoid using, a company known as SplashData releases this list every year. This list is comprised of passwords that were compromised over the past year. Password security is a vital part of protecting yourself from hackers, if you are using a password on this…

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